Commando: Rush
Commando Rush
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Game Info
Developer Hard Circle
Release date February 7, 2013
Controls Space, Mouse, WASD X
Players 1
Levels 6
Game category Action

Commando: Rush is an action game by Hard Circle. It was published on Miniclip's website on February 7, 2013.

The game has 2 different levels, and each one is available in one of 3 different game modes.


  • A- move left.
  • D- move right.
  • W- jump.
  • S- duck.
  • Q- previous weapon.
  • E- next weapon.
  • S×2- drop down.
  • Mouse- aim.
  • Left mouse button- shoot.
  • Mouse scroll- previous/ next weapon.
  • Space- deploy troops.
  • X- action.[1]


There are 3 levels in Commando: Rush: "Jungle", "The Docks" and the "Winter Wars. When selecting a level, the player is able to equip/unequip weapons from his/her loadout. In Assault mode, the player's side is always on the left, and the enemy's side is on the right.


Features a single trail in a jungle in Indonesia. Each team has 3 turrets in ground-level and another turret on an elevated area near the base.
Each successful game gives 2,200 points.

The DocksEdit

Features 2 floors in docks in the west coast of the United States. Each team has 2 turrets in each level, and an additional elevated turret each floor near the base.

Winter WarEdit

Was added on v1.0.18. Features a tundra area i Russia. Like in The Docks, there are 4 turrets for each team in each level (1 elevated, a total of 8 turrets for each team). A big airplane is placed in the background in the center.
Each successful game results 2,200 points.


The loadout is an inventory for weapons. It has 6 slots. 3 of the slots are unlocked by having a higher rank.

  • Rank 2- slot 4 unlocked.
  • Rank 3- slot 5 unlocked.
  • Rank 5- slot 6 unlocked.

The first two slots contain the Barreti MC21 and the Knife. Those are default weapons, and cannot be removed from the loadout.


Ranks allow unlocking new weapons and features. At first, the rank is 0. It can be increased by playing missions and killing enemies.



This mode is very similar to Commando Assault. There are 2 camps- one on each side of the field. The player camp on the left, and the enemy on the right. In the Docks level, there are two floors with camps.
Each camp has four towers with machine guns on their top. Each camp has a base with an armed soldier.
Enemy soldiers and vehicles are sent from the enemy camp, and the player can call for backup by pressing space bar.
Once a while, the enemy sends bosses. The bigger the damage of enemy towers is, the more frequently bosses are sent.
The player wins when defeating the all enemy towers and its base.


On this mode, the player's base is located on the center of the field. Enemies come in waves from both sides, and the player has to defeat them before dying.
Between the waves, the player has 30 seconds, which is enough time for regaining health, ammo, or allies if needed. It's possible to skip the time gap by pressing the space bar.
The player can regain ammo and call for assault squads by pressing the X key when standing in front of the base. The Assault Squad ability is unlocked when reaching Rank 3, and Ammo when reaching Rank 7.


The Payload mode is very similar to the Assault mode, but here the player's camp towers are replaced by enemy towers, and the player needs to escort a booby-trapped vehicle into the enemy's base. The vehicle can be moved when the player stands on a circle below it, and the vehicle moves slowly toards the enemy base by stepping on it. When stepping out of the range, it would stand still. It also has a life bar, and if it looses all of its life, the mission is failed.

Aerial AssaultEdit

This Aerial Assault mode was added on version 1.0.18. In this mode, enemy aircraft will attack the player, who is on the ground. When an aircraft is destroyed, it will drop a flag.
The player has 3 "bases" at which the flags must be deposited. All the red flags must go to the red base (right base), all the blue flags must go to the blue base (left base), and likewise with green (central base). The player can only carry one flag at a time.
Once 10 flags have been delivered to each base, the player wins. The aircraft will get progressively harder, and flying bosses will frequently appear.


Weapons are devided into 5 different categories: Guns, Blades, Explosives, Lunchers, and Special. By achiving higher rank, more weapons are unlocked.

Weapon Name Ammo Level Damage Weapon
Barreti infinity 0
Commando Rush Barreti MC21 icon
Knife infinity 0
Commando Rush Knife icon
Glenos G160 330 0
Commando Rush Glenos G160 icon
MCP Avenger 400 1 8
Commando Rush MCP Avenger icon
Cult Commando 50 1 8
Commando Rush Cult Commando icon
Trenchgun 56 1 Commando Rush Trenchgun icon
Stingfire 220 250 1
Commando Rush Stingfire 220 icon
The Catcher 450 2
MK-150 240 3
Skyfire 24 300 4
Martinson 32 5
Iron Sight 50 6
Eagle Eye 72 7
Machete infinity 3
Sword infinity 6
Hand Grenade 30 1 8
Land Mine 30 2
Commando Rush Land Mine icon
EMP Grenade 30 10
Commando Rush EMP Grenade icon
Big Lester 60 2
Nayberg NS30 40 3
C25 Marrugo 30 5
ALXW30 20 6
Flame Thrower 1000 7
Scorpion 100 10
Arm Cannon 200 25
Gatling Gun 160 35

Dispatching TroopsEdit

The player can displatch troops by clicking the space bar, if it has enough money. Money can be earned by destroying enemies. The number of dispatched troops depends on the sum of hte money the player has when pressing space; The more troops, the higher the price goes.

Note:This only applies to assault mode. Other modes have different menus

Quantity Price Description
3 400 A soldier carrying a small machine gun
3 800 A soldier carrying an assault rifle
2 1,200 A soldier carrying a rocket launcher
2 2,000 2 soldiers in an armed motorcycle and a sidecar
2 3,000 A truck carrying a heavy machine gun
Commando Rush Grey Humvee 2 4,000 A grey humvee carrying a rocket launcher (probably TOW)
1 5,000 An armoured personnel carrier
2 6,000 A small tank
1 8,000 A missile vehicle
1 11,000 Helicopter
2 15,000 Fighter aicrafts
Commando Rush Vehicle Bomber 2 20,000 Bombers


Upgrades menu is available by pressing the X key while standing in front of a shop in the player's base. There different categories in every game modes.


This category is available in Assault and Payload modes.

Item Price Rank
Health Pack 5,000 -
Ammo Pack 5,000 -


This category is available in Wave mode.

Item Price Rank
Health Pack 500 -
Body Armour 3,000 2
Turret Repair depends on turret HP 4
Second Wind 5,000 5


This category is available in Wave mode.

Item Price Rank
Ammo Pack 500 -
Spreadshot Turret 1,000 -
Machine Gun Turret 3,000 4
Tesla Turret 5,000 10
Missile Turret 8,000 12


This category is available in Wave mode.

Item Price Rank
Assault Squad 3,000 3
Riot Squad 4,000 7


Version Date Update
1.0 February 7, 2013 Game launched
1.0.18  ? New levels, weapons, menus and players awards



The following description appeared on Miniclip's website"

Your favourite action hero is back in Commando Rush, a series of fast and furious quick fire missions! Rank up to unlock awesome weapons and all new game modes.



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  1. Available when standing next to the player's base. Allows on Assault and Payload modes to regain health and refill ammo. In Waves mode, it allows calling for backup and building towers as well.