The Commando Series is a collection of action games by Miniclip. So far, 7 games were released- 3 of them are enable global leadboards of players, and , and 4 have player awards on Miniclip's website.

Most of them have appeared on Miniclip's "Top 10 Games" board.


Game Release date
Commando 2006
Commando 2 September 24, 2008
Commando Assault November 12, 2010
Commando 3 Demo October 2011
Commando 3 November 2011
Commando Defense February 23, 2012
Commando: Rush February 7, 2013

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The games Canyon Shooter, Dino Strike and Western Front 1914 are not part of the series, but use similar weapons and bonus drops, and have a similar overall graphic. The game Canyon Shooter also uses the same music as Commando 2.

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A lot of the enemy bosses and even some of the sound effects are based from Metal Slug. The graphics such as characters and explosions are also taken from Metal Slug.