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Appearances Commando, Commando 2, Commando Assault

The Doomtraxx is a Boss on the 4th mission in the game Commando 2. It is a tank with a cannon, a gun turret and a rocket launcher. Both the gun turrent and the rocket launcher are staffed by one blue soldier each. The cannon shoots a triple shot, and the gun turret shots volleys of fireballs towards the player. However, It doesn't fire rockets until it took enough damage.

The cannon and rocket can be avoided by jumping onto the doomtraxx, as the cannon cannot turn and the doomtraxx will not shoot itself with the rocket. However, you will have to move when it shoots its gun turret, which it can shoot itself with at seemingly no damage or cost.

It is also the final boss of mission 3 of the game Commando, and the design of the Doomtraxx was not changed very drastically but changes in the color of the Doomtraxx, the front cannon and the gun turrent- where another gun was added.

Attacking from back is the best way to subdue it, because it is very unlikely to hit you.


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