Kee-Jerk Terminator
Kee-Jerk Terminator
Weapon Info
Magazine Size Unlimited
Level Obtained Accomplishing the game
Noise? Yes
Weapon Category Category I
Points per Hit 100 (per one bullet), 50 (shell)

The Kee-Jerk Terminator is a powerful Machine Gun in the game Commando 2. It shoots a double shot 5 times, but on the 6th time, it also shoots a powerful shell. It is obtained by accomplishing the game and finishing the last mission. Every hit gives extra bonus of 100 points (Shells give 50 points).


  • It is a very uncommon weapon, but powerful.
  • The Kee-Jerk Terminator gives extra 100 points per shot (200 points while hitting with two bullets), but the Shell only gives 50 points.
  • The Kee-Jerk Terminator' it one of the two weapons that are given after accomplishing the game- the other one is the Metal Driller.
  • The Kee-Jerk Terminator, the Metal Driller and the Dragon Destructor, are the only three weapons in Category I.
  • Its shell is very similar to the P25-Maisto's one, and also very powerful.
  • Its bullets are very similar to The Catcher.
  • It is a combination of a P25-Maisto and a Big Lester.
  • It is returned to level 5 in Commando Assault with a 750-shot magazine.


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