TI Prescision
TI Prescision
Weapon Info
Magazine Size 350 bullets
Level Obtained Level 9
Noise? Yes
Weapon Category Category G
Points per Hit 100

TI Prescision is a heavy machine gun and a multiple barrel firearm in the game Commando 2. It shoots very fast ball shaped bullets. It is obtained by accomplishing mission 8, and it is the first weapon available in Hard Mode, along with the ALX-W30. Every hit gives extra bonus of 100 points.


  • It has a very fast rate of fire, and has a big magazine (second biggest in game- after the Big Lester).
  • The bullet is similar to the japanese infantry rifle bullets, only bigger and stronger.
  • The TI Prescision gives extra 100 points per hit.
  • It is part of Category G, being the last weapon in this category.
  • The other machine gun in Category G is the Glenos-G 160.
  • It is possibly based on the Chain Gun or the GShG-7.62.


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